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Young Minds of the Future (YMF) was founded in 2013 with the vision of engaging youth in collaborative forums that address key issues and complex challenges in our local and global communities. YMF Conferences engage youth with a variety of speakers, and facilitate collaboration among students in addressing a range of topics that emphasise engagement with complex global challenges and the development of critical thinking skills. In doing so, YMF’s unique Collaborative Circles framework underpins the truly innovative and collaborative nature of these conferences; students are provided with the opportunity to engage in collaborative discussion that fosters leadership and problem solving skills, and develops a sense of global citizenship.


Young Minds of the Future hosts conferences at the University of Queensland, one of Australia’s finest universities, which focus on providing a forum for collaboration between students with an enthusiasm for knowledge and a desire to engage with like-minded individuals. Incorporating the unique Collaborative Circles framework, YMF Conferences focus on engaging youth in a collaborative forum that extends outside the classroom environment, with an emphasis on critical and forward thinking skills, and the development of young leaders of our future.

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What People Say About YMF

  • An amazing experience which allows you to interact with other young people who possess different perspectives on social issues. I had a brilliant time and I would definitely recommend it for someone who is interested in humanities subjects.
    Marina Hou
  • Very mch enjoyed the conference! Each of the presentation were very interesting and the opportunity for the students to debate and work in collaborative discussion on one of these topics in the afternoon is a great opportunity and learning situation, and one that the students take up very enthusiastically! The setting at the University of Queensland is so uplifting, and an excellent opportunity to expose students to these surrounding at an early age - a place of higher learning, debate and mental fulfilment. We really enjoyed the day!
    Graeme & Johanne Bird
  • I enjoyed the relaxed yet intellectual conversations, or more specifically discussion, that were held when dissecting each topic. I also enjoyed the talks at the beginning. They were deeply interesting and proficient in arousing interest in the topics.
    Marina Lima
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative sessions. They gave me the opportunity to voice my opinions and expand my knowledge on the topics. It was a very eye opening experience!
    Helen Kwon
  • I really enjoyed the presentations from the speakers - they were all really interesting and covered topics that I myself are quite passionate about. I also really liked the collaborative sessions as I learnt a lot by listening to the opinions, perspectives and contributions of others.
    Sophie Hannah
  • The captivating young minds of the future conference was a fantastic experience that both promoted and facillitated the development of effective collaborative skills. The event exposed participants to a unique environment that fostered the application of problem solving and critical thinking skills. Overall, young minds of the future successfully engaged audiences, irrespective of their age, though specifically serves as a cornerstone to the ongoing development of teen minds. Definitely a noteworthy experience that I recommend to all students, regardless of age or education.
    Malak Habib