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Community Problem Solving

Young Minds of the Future began as a Community Problem Solving project in 2013, seeking to address the need for collaborative forums that stimulated learning extending above and beyond the normal classroom environment. In 2014, Young Minds of the Future wont the National Community Problem Solving Championships in the Senior Individual Division at St Leonard’s College in Melbourne.

Following the success at the National Finals, Young Minds of the Future was invited to present at the Future Problem Solving International Conference at Iowa State University in the United States. In June 2015, YMF won the International Community Problem Solving Championships as Senior Grand Champion.


Young Minds of the Future would like to thank the many people thank were instrumental since it’s foundation. The support of these many individuals and groups have made such a positive impact on the project, and have been a driving force for YMF’s success. YMF could not have grown over the past two years without the positive feedback and support from students, teachers, parents, schools and other non-for-profit organisations.

Special Thanks

Over the past two years, there have been two people at the very heart of YMF who have made invaluable contributions to the organisation. 

Lesley Sutherland – Future Problem Solving Queensland Director, Mentor

Lesley’s role as a mentor has seen YMF grow from a small, tangent idea, to the organisation that it is today. Her ongoing support has been a driving force for YMF, helping it win the title of 2015 Community Problem Solving Senior Grand Champion. Lesley has had a profound impact on the organisation and is an invaluable asset.

Peter Ellerton – University of Queensland

Peter has been working with YMF behind the scenes since it’s foundation in 2013, and has been our main connection at the University of Queensland. Peter’s support of the program began the day we met him, and since then his ongoing contribution to YMF has allowed YMF Conferences to be hosted at one of Australia’s most prestigious universities – The University of Queensland. Without Peter, YMF would not have been able to grow and engage with the community in the way that it did over the past two years.